2questions/2asnwers: allegory of the cave, and the “philosopher-king”

It’s 2 questions and 2 answers time. First question is  What was Plato’s point in his allegory of the cave? Second Question for today is, What qualities does Plato’s ideal monarch — the “philosopher-king” — possess?

Let’s get started with What was Plato’s point in the allegory cave. The allegory cave starts off with 5 prisoners’ bound together, with chains. They can’t move there head nor speak all they can see is the cave wall. Now behind them was the exit to the cave where the sun shows. now above that is a fire and a wall below that where the puppeteers show. The point Plato makes is that when lets say a puppeteers pop a book above the wall and then cast a shadow. Then the prisoners perceive that that is a book on the wall. But is there a book on the wall no . It is a shadow not the real object of the book. So he telling you when those prisoners’ are able to turn around and see the actual book. The truth will be know about where the book is and they would not want to go back. Here is a picture of the cave.

Now what about, Plato’s perfect city. This city is ruled by a philosopher king. This king can not have any family, or privet property. Actually no one can have private property. Than all the kids are raised in a state nursery. What he was trying to place was that if you can not own any thing than why steal for riches why gain more power if you can not own it. the reason for the state nursery was to make it where you do not know your family. So when your hiring for a business or giving in general , you would treat every one as family, and hire who is able to do the job, not if there family. Now there is much more to this but this is the general start of what he saw in a perfect city. Thank you for reading and if there is any thing wrong with this essay please feel free to tell me down below.

Western civilization I, Lesson 20, 10/18/2021

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