How to Take Pictures of Lightning With a Camera

First off I need to tell you these instructions are not for phones. They are for a DLSR camera or any camera that has a manual section on it.

First, prepare for what you need: Sturdy Tripod, camera with manual section.

Second, you need to find a storm with lightning and make sure the sun has allready gone done.

3, set up your camera on a tripod facing toward the lightning, take off auto focus, and focus in on the lightning.

forth, Set your camera to manual, Set your Camera to ISO 100, Shutter speed 30s, Then set your aperture to half open, or to about a 7, 10.

Just click the shutter every 30 seconds and enjoy what ever lightning strikes appear in those 30s , will be yours to cherish. If you do get try taking some pictures of lightning I would love to see them down below. Thank you for reading.

English, lesson 40, 10/21/2021

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