1question/1answer:  Aristotle’s main points in his Ethics to the average person

So the Question for to day is What are or how would you explain Aristotle’s main points in his Ethics to the the average person? First off Aristotle say’s that you should be virtuous. But then how do you become Virtuous? He then says to do Virtuous things. Then again if I need to virtuous to do virtuous things, so then what do I do? Now upon realizing the circle he was in he goes in further detail. that is in your upbringing you need to be taught to be virtuous, or risk of getting punished. With being taught to be virtuous you get into the habit of doing virtuous things. And thus the way to become virtuous.

He also say’s to have a good life was not just be as poor and friendless. He says to live a good life you don’t need to be poor but to be in the middle not rich or poor. So he says that pleasure is not every thing and that’s where he talks about friends. that is to have friends to help you along.

Conclusion, Aristotle says to be virtuous, and that you teach your kids that so that they can be virtuous as well. he say to have a good life you do not need to be poor or rich but in the mild. He also says that having a friend will help your life. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Western Civilization I. lesson 25.

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