My opinion time: My Hobbies

I do tenacity have three different hobbies that I bounce between. The first, and main hobby is Photography. The main type of pictures that I take are landscape, storms, clouds, and lightning. I also do some weddings, at our church but I am not the main photographer. If you want to see some of my storm pictures here is the link to my blog

My second hobby, is practicing playing the piano. Now I am not the greatest at playing the piano but I am getting there. Since there is not much of the piano to talk about; my third hobby is making things with a programable UNO R3. Right now I am trying to make a horn alarm that can detect if you passed by it or not.

But right now I am trying to learn some program languages. Then with the program knowledge, I can program into the UNO R3 the additional turn on horn when object is detected. That is my three main hobbies, and thank you for reading.

English lesson 45, 10/26/2021

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