The Cat of Bubastes

Long time ago, in the Rebu Country, lived the son of the king, Amuba. The day of our story begins, when Amuba, is listening to the great leaders conversing where this great battle should take place. After perceiving that there was not going to be any break in the meeting, Amuba retired for the night.

Finally the time came for the battle to take place. It was to be 15 miles out from the city, and “in front is marshy and can hardly be traversed by the enemy’s chariots.”

Out in battle, Amuba not quite of a mans strength, was put in a chariot; with the Jethro, told to keep out of the heat of battle and to flee if the battle should turn for the worse.
Unfortunately, it did turn for the worse. The King was shot with an arrow, and the men where beaten down. Amuba, upon realizing that his father was shot.

“leaped from his chariot, strove to make his
way through the mingled mass of footmen and chariots to the spot. Jethro
followed close behind him. He, too, had caught sight of the falling figure,
and knew what Amuba did not—that the Rebu had lost their king.”

That battle was a loss, and Amuba and Jethro, headed back to the city. Once all the men that had survived, arrived back, the city was besieged. The Egyptians were well prepared and immediately began prepared for the entering. Few days later, and the city was captured.

Some of the people where free to stay, but the rest were brought to Egypt as slaves. Among those slaves were Amuba and Jethro.

Finally in Egypt, after months of walking, and it was time for some of the high arthurites to chose some slaves. The High priest of Egypt chose Amuba, and Amuba begged to pick both Jethro and him. The High priest was kind and understanding and chose both.

Once at the priest house he interduce them to the rest of the family. Which was his wife, daughter Mysa and his son Chebron, which Amuba was to be a companion. Amuba and Chebron later on would become very good friends.

Later down the Road Chebron goes on a hunting trip taking Amuba and Jethro with him. But wile they had just finish hunting a hippo, they heard a scream!

“Chebron darted off in full speed in the direction of the sound, closely
followed by Amuba and Jethro. They ran about a hundred yards along the
bank, when they saw the cause of the outcry. An immense crocodile was
making his way toward the river, dragging along with it the figure of a

They Killed the crocodile and Rescued her, took her to her hut, where her grandfather was. There was no harm but to the skirt of her dress and a bruised leg. The Grand father was getting to the point where he would not live much longer. So he wanted a place that would take care of his Granddaughter and not take her away from her faith to the true God. Chebron offered that she could be a handmaid to his sister, and that they would not try to persuade her to change. The Israelite Girl excepted and Chebron sent a letter to his father making sure it was okay. After receiving a letter back from Ameres, Chebron told the grand father that the deal was set, and that his daughter was to travel up the river after his death.

Back at the house, the knews of the cat of Bubastes has died and a new one is needed that meet the requirements. Well the search was made by sending several groups out to several cites making a report on the best cat that met the requirements. after a few months they go back inspect each others report and the cat that best fit the requirements would be chosen.

Mysa, knowing this sent them a invite to there house to inspect her pet cat, Paucis. They came and inspected the cat, and made the report. About 6 months later, they choose Paucis to fill the potion.

But around this time some animal was taking there birds for food. So Chebron and Amuba, hid over by the pond with there bow in hopes to ketch this animal. an hour later;

“There was a frightened cry and a violent flapping as
a large hawk suddenly seized one of the waterfowl and struck it to the
ground. In an instant the watchers rose to their feet, and as the hawk rose
with its prey in its talons they shot their arrows almost simultaneously.
Amuba’s arrow struck the hawk between the wings, and the creature fell
dead still clutching its prey. Chebron’s arrow was equally well aimed, but it
struck a twig which deflected its course and it flew wide of the mark.
Amuba gave a shout of triumph and leaped out from among the bushes. But
he paused and turned as an exclamation of alarm broke from Chebron.”

The arrow that missed and hit a branch went straight into the cat pen, and hit one of the cat’s. Amuba went over there saw that his friends arrow had hit Paucis. and the punishment for killing a cat in egypt would be death and denouncement.

Amuba buried the cat, got rid of any blood, and left the door open to the cat pen, to leave other suspicions to the disappearance of the cat.

Chebron, told his father, and his father was saying not to worry and that actually the cat his not really sacred, and that there is really only one true God.

Finally for conclusion, they are right now figuring out how to hide this. For me I believe that he will be fine and this matter will never be found out. Thank you for reading!

English Lesson 55


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