Episode 9, Season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers

Was basically started around 853; or you can say that it got overwhelming after the death of Louis the Pious. What am I talking about? The Vikings or you can call them the Norsemen. These people would come down from Scandinavia, and attack the costal cities; some times attacking further inland by the use of the rivers.

One question would arise is if they kept invading why didn’t they settle down in the land they captured? For them they already had a home some where else so all they wanted was loot. Which that consisted of all the precious metals.

Now why where they so affective at these raids? First off they had ships that allowed them great speed. This provided a surprise attack. Second they where very good warriors.

So what did the people do to protect them selves or not have there cites destroyed? The Viking’s gave the people a option, give us all your precious metals and we will not touch your city. But if the people resisted there town would be utterly wiped out. But isn’t there a second option of protection? Yes there is, the nights( or lords).

Since the Kings in the land were very weak at this point in time, and where not able to protect themselves; the people looked to the people that could protect themselves, which would be called the knights. Now if you want to get all technical the systems used here would be call feudalism and manorialism.

Manorialism is like I said when some one needed safety they went to the people that has been able to protect himself from the Vikings and ask him for protection. And in this deal the people would become bound to the land and become a serf to the lord in exchange for safety.

Now this Knight has all this land to protect, and he can’t do this on his own, so he calls in for more knights ( or vassals). When he does this he gives a little bit of land to his vassals as a fief. This is used as a source of income, so they they can have time to practice with there swords, armor and, riding a horse. and some times this process is repeated several times. So there will be several vassals, acting as the law in there area protecting it from invasion’s. And this is called Feudalism. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 100, 6/6/2022

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