The Problems The Excommunication The International Catholic Church

Yes it’s that time in the week where it’s history. Thus bring us back to some questions. Our first question that I have for today is, What were the Problems with the church in the Tenth and eleventh century?

Before I continue we need to do a little bit of reviewing. Remember Back last essay? I was talking about all the nights and the lords and serfs. Well when a vassal was given some land, and they saw that there was a monastery on their land; they thought that it was theirs and appointed who ever he wanted.

This was a problem, because some of the people appointed where some time the lazy people of the land. So the strictness went down. This is how the battle between the state and acholic church began.

One guy in a monastery said why don’t we go back to some of the old ways of running the monasteries? It was so much dis liked that they cut out his eyes and blinded him.

How this started to change was when a monastery opened up called Cluny, 910. It was declared by Duke William of Aquitaine, that this monastery is not subject to lay control. So the church was able to appoint the correct Abbots, Popes etc. So what did every one do? They started affiliating with monastery and be subject to supervision from Cluny.

This help gain back a lot of the lost control over the church but there was still one more issue. And that was who was electing the popes? At this time the Emperors where appointing the popes.

Of course they where doing this for political reasons. So they had to take this back. To take this back they had to change some things that have been going on for 200 years. And of course there where going to be battles. Here are some of the battle’s that took place between pope Gregory VII and Henry IV.

In 1075, Gregory Held a council. The veridic was that all the laymen who where electing the popes and bishops where excommunicated. Of course Henry was not happy because he need those bishops to offset the power of the nobles.

The next major issue was the election of a bishop in Milan. Henry appointed his choice, and then started to do the same in other places. Gregory tells him to stop. Henry confronts Gregory. Then Gregory Excommunicates Henry. With every one rioting against him he had to submit.

After traveling to the popes house, Henry was forced to stand out side Gregory’s door for 3 days in the freezing winter. After the meeting Gregory forgives him. after this Henry then goes back and crushes the rebellion.

Three years later Henry forces Gregory out of Rome, and in 1085, Gregory dies. This was the general events that took place between Henry and Gregory.

Finally we have the International catholic church. The reason for this was because generally 70% was catholic about this time. This allowed A bishop that was born in England to be bishop in Germany. This also allowed the movement of scientist to be able to teach in different countries. It allowed trade to pass through countries even though there was a war going on. It created a international society. So that no matter what nationality you were, you could work any where. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 105, 6/7/2022

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