The opportunity For Me

After all the opportunities that I have seen or read. Selling hand made products is the one for me. So who would I be helping? With the area that I am going for I would stare out with Global . I will touch a little bit of local, but that won’t be my main focus at first.

How will I help my customers? First off, I would start off selling Wooden furniture On a few sites, like Facebook, eBay, maybe Esty, or amazon. Then I would branch out to making my own website and trying to get my name out locally. After I become efficient with knife sharpening I will offer my services locally for knife sharpening.

What are the Barriers to entry for this service or product that I will be offering? You need knowledge and skill about cabinetry. You also need to have a little bit of money to start up.

How will I make money doing this service? By selling to people wooden furniture. Sharpening knives. Than in the future, making wooden counter tops.

Why is this a long-term opportunity for me? There will always be a demand for custom furniture or hand made furniture. There will always be a demand for knives to be sharpened. There will always be a demand for a carpenter. Thank you for reading!

Business lesson 60, 6/8/2022

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