Three Topics

First we have the argument, or known as the Great Schism. What Is the Great Schism? To sum it up it is a big argument that grew into a alienation of the east and the west. The separation started through language barriers between the east and the west. The main thing was that of there different Liturgies.

But how did this all start? It all started when some of the church thought that the new church authority should be in Constantinople instead of Rome. But all this did was lead to excommunication and arguments on both sides.

Second question, who was Philip II Augustus? Before I answer this question we need a little be of background. Back in France, when the Vikings where pillaging cites and towns across the land. People did not have projection from this since the King was too weak to fight back these invasions. So the people went to the people that could. Thus making the king weaker. Well when the Capetain family became king they would slowly over time take back control. Through taking over properties from serfs that where not fulfilling there part, and knights.

Finally are third topic, what are the sacraments? As the Catholics describe it sensible sign of invisible grace. Sensible meaning perceivable to the senses. The first sacrament would be baptism, it washes away your original sin, and cleans the soul. That’s why they baptize infants. Might As well get it done immediately to clean the soul. The effects of sin will still be there but your clean. Second one would be All mortal sins must be confessed to a priest. Thirdly, Holy Communion, this was normally done during the mass. Holy Communion is a time to remember of what Jesus did on the cross. Holy orders is the process of becoming a priest, and lastly Extreme unction. Extreme Unction was, going to the sick and anointing the sick. These are the basic Ideas of the Sacraments. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 110, 6/29/2022

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