What is the most common view of the Crusaders? Or What about  pope Urban II’s speech? Lets start on the topic of the common view of the crusaders. what most people believe about the Crusaders is that, most people went on the Crusades to get rich quick. This is not what actually happened. It actually was very costly to go on the crusades. Because it was very expensive, to the point where most had to sell there land just to go.

The next thing that people believe is that they sent a children’s crusade. What really happened, was in 1212 a young man became very zealous to concur the holy land, got a gathering and march all the way to the sea expecting it to open up a path to Jerusalem. But it did not, and the Pope that was in Rome unleash them from there vows, and every one went home. So really all it is, was a couple of uprisings and processions.

Now for pope Urban II’s Speech. Put into simple terms it was a call to action for another crusade. But lets get into a little more detail. The first part of the speech was more about the wickedness of the nation and for every one to get right with God. The last part of the speech, is about what the Muslims are doing to there brothers. And then calls every one to go on this crusade. Also I forget to tell you all that this was for the second crusade.

Conclusion, What are we to learn about the crusades. They where not glorious, no one got rich off of it. Also if you survived a crusade, you would be consider one of the few. For pope Urban II’s speech, simply said a call for people to get right with God, and a call to go on a Crusade. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 115, 7/11/2022

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