3 In One

What do we have here? A group that goes contrary to The Catholic church. Hmmm, Wait I forgot something who where they? Ah yes the Albigensians. The people that believed that you should not take a oath. You should not eat meat.

If you go further into what they believed, it gets even worse. They believed that there was a good god and a bad god. If you take in consideration that Humans are sinful. Then they add on to the belief that the body is a prison to the soul. Thus rejecting the sacraments. than they even believed that woman with child is shameful. because she is bring more good to be imprisoned.

Also if you wanted to know the albigensians had two sections The prefect and the believers. The perfect where the ones who did not get married, did not eat meat, and would live completely according to the beliefs. The believers where the ones who believed it, but would only would try to become perfect later on, because of certain circumstances.

Wait! what happened during the Thirteenth century? What about the mendicant orders? To keep it simple for ya, it was started by a guy who miss read the word of God. His name is Franciscan of Assisi. But here is a little story of how it all got started.

One day Francis had a dream. This dream was about him repairing the church. So what would most people then think? God must be calling me to fix up churches. So he goes out and starts fixing churches. His father ( a merchant) did not like this and though he should do something that earns an income. So he takes him to Pope Innocent III. The night before he goes to see the pope, he has another dream. this time he is supporting the church. So now he believes he needs to fix the church spiritually. Of course the pope likes him and that is how the mendicant orders got started.

Finally be fore we leave and you go off and read something else; let me tell you about the Significance of the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was a set in stone law for every one. Because at the time there was Merchant laws Anglo Saxon laws, common law, and the list goes on and on. So that is why the Magna Carta was made. But this goes even further. Today if you look at our court system, we have the system of guilty or incent. Or you are not allow to use torture’s to get evidence. This is the end of my three in one topics, thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 120, 7/18/2022

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