3 in One

Twelfth century, what do we get from this era? What about the universities? Hmm, one more, what about Scholastic philosophy? Just to let ya know, these are my question for this essay you are reading.

First question I asked ” What do we get from the era of the Twelfth century”? For a simple explanation, is that, it was the rise of Greek, and Roman text, Roman laws, and thought. Such as Aristotle for math, geometry, than Hippocrates for medicine.

Now the problem that we have here was that, if you wanted to learn science it was the study of Aristotle. If you want to study medicine you would study Hippocrates. So they took it a bit too far.

Back to my earlier mention of Roman law. The part of Roman law that was popularized was more control, instead of more freedom for the people.

My second question that I had ask was “What about the universities?” To start this questions off, in order to start a universities, it would be required to get a charter by the pope. These universities had a fixed curriculum. As in the past you had no guide of study. Which brought in the system of degrees. At this point in time which is around 1300-1500 century, there was a Undergraduate, graduate, and a masters degree.

But what was most unique was the fact that when is was time to graduate. They would test you by having a debate. You would here both sides and try to come up with a answer that would sympathize with both of the arguments.

Finally we have come down to the last question, what about Scholastic philosophy? Here is the basic explanation of Scholastic philosophy; “the examination of reason and faith with the expectation that faith and reason will reinforce each other and not being in conflict with one another.” Thank you for Reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 125, 7/19/2022

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