The Rise of The Town, and Western Europe’s Economic Success

Are topic is where did towns come from? They where created as the result of Cathedrals and monasteries. Cathedrals and monasteries usually had a school. Students at this school would need supplies, living quarters etc. This would bring merchants and commercial activity.

Another way towns where formed was the cause of barbarians. People would create fortifications to protect themselves from the barbarian raids. This attracted merchants. Saying to themselves these people are going to need supplies; what an opportunity.

Now, the significance of these towns, is they allowed many new opportunities. Such as, if you had no land, you could get a job being an apprentice. It allowed a place for merchants to gather. It also allowed for serfs there freedom. How this worked is, if a serf had lived in the town without the lord’s knowledge, for a year and a day. Then he would be declared free.

My second topic for this essay is Europe’s economic success. Here is the key reason for this, “political decentralization.” This means, instead of having one guy control all of Russia; each town and city controls itself, with much less control. This allowed for much freedom of moment of the merchants. This also hindered government more. Meaning crazy laws, and taxations will make people want to leave. because all people had to do was move to another town.

Thus, when ever another town allowed more freedom which allows freedom to grow. Thus becoming the wealthiest, than other towns would try and copy this. Again growing the economy even further.

When you start attracting merchants, and commercial activity. Your liable to have made a town. Now in order to grow this town you need not to steal every ones rights to want to do any thing. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 135, 8/5/2022

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