The year of our Lord 1778, March 10th

The year of our Lord 1778, March 10. With the days becoming more brighter, and the memory of those long, dark, cloudy days now past, it was now time to resume are long journey. Our assignment was, “deliver this package to a man in the Black forest and do be sure Adalhard to prepare for a long journey.” Unfortunately, our journey began back in February. For about two days into our journey there was a blizzard forcing us to find some shelter. To preserve my shot for bigger animals, but still in need of food. I searched throughout the forest and I came up with an idea. I got my self a stick hollowed it out, than made a few darts, and there ya have it a blow dart gun. This allowed me to make my own ammo and shoot down a couple of birds.

Once back at our little lean two, It told my partner Duncan what I have been up to. “Hmm, not bad of an idea, But I have a even better Idea.” ” Lets see if we can get a fire going Hmm?” The fire was quickly built, for it was very icy cold out. Of course my idea was still quite useful, for we did not have the desired amount of food for this long of a stay. Not much happened during those long dreary days. But I am glad they are past. But man do we still have about another week of our journey left, hope I all goes well. Thanks for reading!

English 6th, lesson 130, 8/18/2022

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