Two Disasters

What do we have when two people do not think they should be ruler over them? A war, well for this situation we have the king and the popes. The king thinks they have a far bit of control over the church. Than the popes say they have the power to completely get rid of the king and replace him with a new one.

So the Defensor Pacis by Marsilius of Padua, is a huge argument against the popes. His argument is that a Council is going to set above the popes. Main point is that there is no head that has authority over any one but for the organization of the catholic religion. He further say’s that man’s law should be put first. Of course he say’s if it disagrees with the catholic law, than obey that. The only authority the pope has he declares, is calling an ecumenical council ( which is set above him). And what the ecumenical council decides is the only thing the pope can enforce. Than above the ecumenical council is the Emperor or king.

Now if we have twenty percent of the population die, doesn’t it seem like something happened. Turns out just about two horrific disasters happening at once. First disaster was the failure of many crops. This was caused by lowered temperatures, thus being called a tiny Ice age. Our second disaster was the times the Bubonic plague, and the pneumonic plague attack, know as the black death. The Bubonic plague was delivered by rats getting off merchant ships, which then the flees on the rats go and bite every one. The pneumonic plague was delivered through coughing and sneezing. The effects was a famine, and loss of labor. Because the was no food, and since there where hundreds of people dyeing; there was not enough labor to harvest any crops. So the laborers wanted money instead of protection, and the fact that there was a shortage. The workers charged a hefty sum.

Than the landlords went to the government, they made it worse. All the prices where going to be fixed and every one where to act like the plague and the famine was not here. These where the effects of the black death. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 145, 8/19/2022

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