John Wyclif and the Great Schism

Hello there, I am John Micouse, what’s yours? John Wyclif, John Micouse. Yes that’s me, could you tell me a bit about yourself? Because all I do is just carpentry, masonry, and forging. Hmm, Yes, I was born in 1320 and I died about 1384 it was quite painful. I was known for translating aContinue reading “John Wyclif and the Great Schism”

The year of our Lord 1778, March 10th

The year of our Lord 1778, March 10. With the days becoming more brighter, and the memory of those long, dark, cloudy days now past, it was now time to resume are long journey. Our assignment was, “deliver this package to a man in the Black forest and do be sure Adalhard to prepare forContinue reading “The year of our Lord 1778, March 10th”

The Rise of The Town, and Western Europe’s Economic Success

Are topic is where did towns come from? They where created as the result of Cathedrals and monasteries. Cathedrals and monasteries usually had a school. Students at this school would need supplies, living quarters etc. This would bring merchants and commercial activity. Another way towns where formed was the cause of barbarians. People would createContinue reading “The Rise of The Town, and Western Europe’s Economic Success”

The Mind and The War Theory

God, All powerful, Just, and merciful. How would we Find him? First off, he guides us to him. Second, he gave us the King James Bible. But, what about using the brains God gave us? Now here are some of Thomas Aquinas’s Argument on the Existence of God. This point of view starts off with,Continue reading “The Mind and The War Theory”

The Book Report of The century

Down the Road went Phileas Fogg. Each step in count, and not a millisecond waisted. Why such perfect timing? Also where is this man going? But, when it was all said and done my friends. To whom did we give this great honor to. Ladies and gentlemen! That honor was given because of a man,Continue reading “The Book Report of The century”