Episode 8, Season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers

Lets get straight into it, first question of the week is What have I learn about Islam from the information that I have received. First off Islam is like Germany during world war 2. Just as you Had to hail Hitler no matter what, you needed to do the same to allah. So this religionContinue reading “Episode 8, Season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers”

Episode 7, Season 1, 2 Questions, 2 Answers

Ever wonder how some of the works of old Roman empire still lasted and are now still read today? Well that is thanks to the Carolingian Renaissance. Why was this so? well the Carolingian Renaissance was around the time when the Roman empire was falling apart. Charlemagne when he was crowned emperor of the francs,Continue reading “Episode 7, Season 1, 2 Questions, 2 Answers”

The Unique ways of Japan

Lets start our journey at the docks of a port called Yokohama. One fact that arises is Yokohama is called Benten, after the goddess of the sea. When walking through Yokohama, you will notice around you will be temples in the sky line that are scattered around Japan. Which are are built by carpenters thatContinue reading “The Unique ways of Japan”

The book sires baste in Scotland And in America

Long ago way back in Scotland in the 1600, the covenanter’s where being persecuted by the British. But, the start to are story starts off way back in the brea of Scotland; With a 14 year old boy named Duncan M’Kethe. He will be the one to take you on a journey through Scotland. AndContinue reading “The book sires baste in Scotland And in America”

Another Business Opportunity

The opportunity of todays essay involves Hand made products and selling them online. Hand made stuff is a high priority in today society. Because every one wants something that is unique, ether to decorate there house, or to use as a product. How do you help people or who do you Help. You would etherContinue reading “Another Business Opportunity”

Episode 5 season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers

My first question of today is, why was Rome significant in the history of western civilization? First where was Rome and when was the Roman empire around? It is generally dated around 753 BC– 1453 AD, now the area of the Roman empire a copied this area. My first reason to say that Rome had a veryContinue reading “Episode 5 season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers”