Local Marketing Advantages That I now Know From The Business 1. Course

If you are a local business, and you are trying to get more people to your business what do you do. First off are you giving your customer a product that has value in it? Because its not what the business man says, it’s what’s in it for me says the customer. If you neverContinue reading “Local Marketing Advantages That I now Know From The Business 1. Course”

The AD That fits the irresistible offer

In my business one course I have been reading a book called the “Irresistible Offer” By “Mark Joyner”. It goes over the the things that every ad writer must know. Which it says to use these four questions. A. what ae you trying to sell me? ( offer the features) B. How much will itContinue reading “The AD That fits the irresistible offer”

Beginner Camera Under $900

The Canon T6I has 24.2 megapixels, DIGIC 6 image processer, 19 auto focus points, 5 Frames per second of continuous shooting, live view shooting, full HD, built in WIFI/NCF function , touch screen, touch screen comes out, SD card is on the right side, Battery on the bottom. Ports HDMI on the left, Mic portContinue reading “Beginner Camera Under $900”

Is Redistributing The Peoples Money Moral?

As we live we go to work then go home, rest or work on a hobby. But when we get paid some of that money gets taken away by the government and given to some one with a smaller income; Is that morally right? Well lets look at the two main economies. First is socialism,Continue reading “Is Redistributing The Peoples Money Moral?”