The opportunity For Me

After all the opportunities that I have seen or read. Selling hand made products is the one for me. So who would I be helping? With the area that I am going for I would stare out with Global . I will touch a little bit of local, but that won’t be my main focusContinue reading “The opportunity For Me”

Another Business Opportunity

The opportunity of todays essay involves Hand made products and selling them online. Hand made stuff is a high priority in today society. Because every one wants something that is unique, ether to decorate there house, or to use as a product. How do you help people or who do you Help. You would etherContinue reading “Another Business Opportunity”

Online Business Opportunities

When ever you go online, and lest say you go on Amazon to look for a product; what go’s into the online aspect of a business? Now right there is a business opportunity. Making a website for some one. If you have the skill of making a website, and someone wanting a website doesn’t haveContinue reading “Online Business Opportunities”

The Parts of Accounting for a Business

If you started a business, lets say a lawn mowing business, what are the accounting part of the business? First thing you deal with money in your business is , Getting the thing’s you need to start your business. This would be your lawn mower the gas for it, a trailer, and a vehicle. NowContinue reading “The Parts of Accounting for a Business”

Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process

Selling selling what a hard task, but is it really? What have you been told about selling. To be pushy, tell all the features and benefits of a product, be a great talker etc. All that is going to be tuff to do. So what does Harry Brown have say about this? He say’s asContinue reading “Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process”

¬†Franchise Or Independent (doing your own thing)

Franchise Or Independent (doing your own thing) which one too chose? But first what is a Franchise, and what is going independent? First off when you get into a franchise, lets say a Mcdonald’s Franchise, They do most of the work. They already have the building design, the menu, the food source etc. The onlyContinue reading ”¬†Franchise Or Independent (doing your own thing)”