The Unique ways of Japan

Lets start our journey at the docks of a port called Yokohama. One fact that arises is Yokohama is called Benten, after the goddess of the sea. When walking through Yokohama, you will notice around you will be temples in the sky line that are scattered around Japan. Which are are built by carpenters thatContinue reading “The Unique ways of Japan”

The book sires baste in Scotland And in America

Long ago way back in Scotland in the 1600, the covenanter’s where being persecuted by the British. But, the start to are story starts off way back in the brea of Scotland; With a 14 year old boy named Duncan M’Kethe. He will be the one to take you on a journey through Scotland. AndContinue reading “The book sires baste in Scotland And in America”

Chapter 21 Of The Cat of Bubastes

With the end of Amuba’s life coming near, Amuba sends for Jethrow. “I have done my best for the Rebu, and My life has come nearing to an end, it is time to prepare for the new king of Rebu”. Preparations were made immediately, and the news of what is about to come about hustledContinue reading “Chapter 21 Of The Cat of Bubastes”

How to Take Pictures of Lightning With a Camera

First off I need to tell you these instructions are not for phones. They are for a DLSR camera or any camera that has a manual section on it. First, prepare for what you need: Sturdy Tripod, camera with manual section. Second, you need to find a storm with lightning and make sure the sunContinue reading “How to Take Pictures of Lightning With a Camera”