TimeLine from 1754-2017

For to days essay I will be writing a timeline. This timeline is at least  200 history points of my history. This will be my last essay in 8th grade history so I hope you have had a good experience with these 8 grade history essays. Thank you readers for dealing  with the spelling andContinue reading “TimeLine from 1754-2017”

The Beginning of The Media

Have you ever wondered when, how, and where was the first media created? most of the medias were created on the internet and some were created before the internet. Some of the first type of media is the newspaper, “the oldest direct ancestors of the modern newspaper were the handwritten news sheets that circulated widelyContinue reading “The Beginning of The Media”

One President and His Life and Work

For this essay I will be telling you just a very small summarized part of one presidents life and work.  This is the one president we will be talking about and his name is President Richard Nixon. President Richard Nixon, he was born on  January 9, 1913, in Yorba Linda, California.  Richard Milhous Nixon wasContinue reading “One President and His Life and Work”

The Korean War The War That Has Not Stopped

Remember when world war two ended, Japan was striped of its colonies including the ones that where in  Korea. So there now there is  no government in Korea since Japan is not in control,  there were skirmishes that went on between both south and north Korea.   The the recent organization  that was created that wasContinue reading “The Korean War The War That Has Not Stopped”