The life of Olaudah Equiano

This man was born “in the year 1745, in a charming fruitful vale, named Essaka” Africa. His life as a slave started when some people started to kidnap some of the people, and Olaudah Equiano, saw this and cried out an alarm. Fallowed that was some of the towns men, and put an end toContinue reading “The life of Olaudah Equiano”

Where Should You Put Your Philosophy of Life In Your Autobiography

Each and every one of us is different, “in many ways, physically, emotionally, spiritually”, in every way different. There is the occasional times when a persons life is similar to an others but still very different. So where does you life Philosophy go in a autobiography? Or does it even need to be in one?Continue reading “Where Should You Put Your Philosophy of Life In Your Autobiography”

The Needed Thing in Thoreau Walden’s Autobiography

As life go’s on, stories arise, then carried through each generation, then fad away. When a new one arises, these stories are often written into books, then volumes, and read through out the generations. they are often written about, sad stories, mysteries, general fiction and etc. But the only true stories are autobiographies. The meaningContinue reading “The Needed Thing in Thoreau Walden’s Autobiography”


Back in around in the 1800’s a man named Henry David Thoreau was born. he known as a writer, poet, and philosopher. But the most popular and known works were his autobiography published on August 9, 1854. In this book he describes, his plan, and his action to try to separate from society, and beContinue reading “The Dependency of HENRY DAVID THOREAU”

The Feelings of Separation

Over 200 years ago slavery was at it’s peak. Families with all their might would have begged there new masters, “please we beg you buy the whole family so we could stay together as a family”. But nothing could be done, they would be sold separated ,and would never see each other again. Some timesContinue reading “The Feelings of Separation”

Was There Evidence Given

200 years ago, a system called slavery was in about every place known to man. This system was the wrong type of slavery; and man named John Thompson was born into it. He gave countless stores of slave’s being treated wrongly and others being treated rightly. As if you were born into slavery the ownerContinue reading “Was There Evidence Given”

The Thing That I Would Do Different

If I were to write an autobiography what would I do different than Darwin’s autobiography? First off Darwin did not do a very good job on what it was like back then, what was going on nun of that. He did not add the fact of why his books sold so many. He did notContinue reading “The Thing That I Would Do Different”

What My Target Audience Would Be

As the years go on things are often forgotten. People’s Grandparents great grand parents are forgotten. So what most people do is write an autobiography so that there memory is never lost. But an autobiography is used for much more than that; people write an autobiography so that other people may read about there lifeContinue reading “What My Target Audience Would Be”

What are The benefits of writing an autobiography?

As your at the library looking for books, you would probably often find a book that is non fiction; then you ponder, what this is, and what is its purpose? Well it is more likely that it is an autobiography. What is an autobiography? An autobiography is a book that is about some one, andContinue reading “What are The benefits of writing an autobiography?”

The Seriousness of Plunkitt’s patriotism

Gorge Washington Plunkitt, not much is known about this man but for his political life. Which most people would have wanted to know when his autobiography came out. His political life started at the age of 12, at the District Office¬†helping out when ever help was needed. But when it was voting day you knewContinue reading “The Seriousness of Plunkitt’s patriotism”