Episode 8, Season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers

Lets get straight into it, first question of the week is What have I learn about Islam from the information that I have received. First off Islam is like Germany during world war 2. Just as you Had to hail Hitler no matter what, you needed to do the same to allah. So this religionContinue reading “Episode 8, Season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers”

Episode 7, Season 1, 2 Questions, 2 Answers

Ever wonder how some of the works of old Roman empire still lasted and are now still read today? Well that is thanks to the Carolingian Renaissance. Why was this so? well the Carolingian Renaissance was around the time when the Roman empire was falling apart. Charlemagne when he was crowned emperor of the francs,Continue reading “Episode 7, Season 1, 2 Questions, 2 Answers”

Episode 6 season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers

Today I have for ya, another 2 questions 2 answers. For our first question let’s travel way back when the Germanic tribes where in the western half of Rome Manly the Frankish tribe. Now what was there ruling system? Well they originally had a king. But what did this king do at this point inContinue reading “Episode 6 season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers”

Episode 5 season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers

My first question of today is, why was Rome significant in the history of western civilization? First where was Rome and when was the Roman empire around? It is generally dated around 753 BC– 1453 AD, now the area of the Roman empire a copied this area. My first reason to say that Rome had a veryContinue reading “Episode 5 season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers”

The Visigoths and Christianity that Changed Rome

Another episode of Two questions and two answers. My first questions would be, in what ways was Christianity a departure from the ideals and practices of ancient Greece and Rome? The first obvious departure would be the fact that there would be only one God, not many false gods. Speaking of gods in Rome theContinue reading “The Visigoths and Christianity that Changed Rome”

 The Contributions and The attitude

Today, I have Two questions and two answers. My first question is What are the contributions that the Monks made for the European society? To understand all the contributions of the monks we would need to see there way of life. The monks ( also known as the religion of Monasticism) would live inside ofContinue reading ” The Contributions and The attitude”

What was Paul’s Missionary Journeys Like

Before Jesus was taken up to heaven he said to his disciples, “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16: 15 (KJV) After Jesus said this they did just that, they all went there ways preaching the gospel. Wile Jesus was still on earthContinue reading “What was Paul’s Missionary Journeys Like”

Roman Concrete and The Five good Emperors

Ever wonder why a lot of Roman building had many arches? Where they just for decoration or did they have more of a use? First off we need to under stand what the Romans used for building material. That was Concrete, mix of, volcanic ash/tuff, calcium oxide, and pumice. Next is how did they useContinue reading “Roman Concrete and The Five good Emperors”

Two Things of when Augustan was in charge

For to day my two questions are, how did Augustan handle his power. Secondly, was the epic more a political tool for propaganda? Our story starts off when Augustus becomes about the only one in power. This happened because he pretty much got ride of the other ruler that was In charge of the otherContinue reading “Two Things of when Augustan was in charge”

Struggle of the Orders

The Struggle of the Orders, was a peaceful fight for more rights for the Plebeians. The reason for this was because there was two main groups in Roms, one was the Patrician’s and the Plebeians. The Patricain’s had a lot more rights than the Plebeians. The Rights that the Plebeian’s had where they were LiableContinue reading “Struggle of the Orders”