What is the most common view of the Crusaders? Or What about  pope Urban II’s speech? Lets start on the topic of the common view of the crusaders. what most people believe about the Crusaders is that, most people went on the Crusades to get rich quick. This is not what actually happened. It actually was very costly to go on the crusades. Because it was very expensive, to the point where most had to sell there land just to go.

The next thing that people believe is that they sent a children’s crusade. What really happened, was in 1212 a young man became very zealous to concur the holy land, got a gathering and march all the way to the sea expecting it to open up a path to Jerusalem. But it did not, and the Pope that was in Rome unleash them from there vows, and every one went home. So really all it is, was a couple of uprisings and processions.

Now for pope Urban II’s Speech. Put into simple terms it was a call to action for another crusade. But lets get into a little more detail. The first part of the speech was more about the wickedness of the nation and for every one to get right with God. The last part of the speech, is about what the Muslims are doing to there brothers. And then calls every one to go on this crusade. Also I forget to tell you all that this was for the second crusade.

Conclusion, What are we to learn about the crusades. They where not glorious, no one got rich off of it. Also if you survived a crusade, you would be consider one of the few. For pope Urban II’s speech, simply said a call for people to get right with God, and a call to go on a Crusade. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 115, 7/11/2022

Three Topics

First we have the argument, or known as the Great Schism. What Is the Great Schism? To sum it up it is a big argument that grew into a alienation of the east and the west. The separation started through language barriers between the east and the west. The main thing was that of there different Liturgies.

But how did this all start? It all started when some of the church thought that the new church authority should be in Constantinople instead of Rome. But all this did was lead to excommunication and arguments on both sides.

Second question, who was Philip II Augustus? Before I answer this question we need a little be of background. Back in France, when the Vikings where pillaging cites and towns across the land. People did not have projection from this since the King was too weak to fight back these invasions. So the people went to the people that could. Thus making the king weaker. Well when the Capetain family became king they would slowly over time take back control. Through taking over properties from serfs that where not fulfilling there part, and knights.

Finally are third topic, what are the sacraments? As the Catholics describe it sensible sign of invisible grace. Sensible meaning perceivable to the senses. The first sacrament would be baptism, it washes away your original sin, and cleans the soul. That’s why they baptize infants. Might As well get it done immediately to clean the soul. The effects of sin will still be there but your clean. Second one would be All mortal sins must be confessed to a priest. Thirdly, Holy Communion, this was normally done during the mass. Holy Communion is a time to remember of what Jesus did on the cross. Holy orders is the process of becoming a priest, and lastly Extreme unction. Extreme Unction was, going to the sick and anointing the sick. These are the basic Ideas of the Sacraments. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 110, 6/29/2022

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English lesson 95, 6/23/2022

The opportunity For Me

After all the opportunities that I have seen or read. Selling hand made products is the one for me. So who would I be helping? With the area that I am going for I would stare out with Global . I will touch a little bit of local, but that won’t be my main focus at first.

How will I help my customers? First off, I would start off selling Wooden furniture On a few sites, like Facebook, eBay, maybe Esty, or amazon. Then I would branch out to making my own website and trying to get my name out locally. After I become efficient with knife sharpening I will offer my services locally for knife sharpening.

What are the Barriers to entry for this service or product that I will be offering? You need knowledge and skill about cabinetry. You also need to have a little bit of money to start up.

How will I make money doing this service? By selling to people wooden furniture. Sharpening knives. Than in the future, making wooden counter tops.

Why is this a long-term opportunity for me? There will always be a demand for custom furniture or hand made furniture. There will always be a demand for knives to be sharpened. There will always be a demand for a carpenter. Thank you for reading!

Business lesson 60, 6/8/2022

The Problems The Excommunication The International Catholic Church

Yes it’s that time in the week where it’s history. Thus bring us back to some questions. Our first question that I have for today is, What were the Problems with the church in the Tenth and eleventh century?

Before I continue we need to do a little bit of reviewing. Remember Back last essay? I was talking about all the nights and the lords and serfs. Well when a vassal was given some land, and they saw that there was a monastery on their land; they thought that it was theirs and appointed who ever he wanted.

This was a problem, because some of the people appointed where some time the lazy people of the land. So the strictness went down. This is how the battle between the state and acholic church began.

One guy in a monastery said why don’t we go back to some of the old ways of running the monasteries? It was so much dis liked that they cut out his eyes and blinded him.

How this started to change was when a monastery opened up called Cluny, 910. It was declared by Duke William of Aquitaine, that this monastery is not subject to lay control. So the church was able to appoint the correct Abbots, Popes etc. So what did every one do? They started affiliating with monastery and be subject to supervision from Cluny.

This help gain back a lot of the lost control over the church but there was still one more issue. And that was who was electing the popes? At this time the Emperors where appointing the popes.

Of course they where doing this for political reasons. So they had to take this back. To take this back they had to change some things that have been going on for 200 years. And of course there where going to be battles. Here are some of the battle’s that took place between pope Gregory VII and Henry IV.

In 1075, Gregory Held a council. The veridic was that all the laymen who where electing the popes and bishops where excommunicated. Of course Henry was not happy because he need those bishops to offset the power of the nobles.

The next major issue was the election of a bishop in Milan. Henry appointed his choice, and then started to do the same in other places. Gregory tells him to stop. Henry confronts Gregory. Then Gregory Excommunicates Henry. With every one rioting against him he had to submit.

After traveling to the popes house, Henry was forced to stand out side Gregory’s door for 3 days in the freezing winter. After the meeting Gregory forgives him. after this Henry then goes back and crushes the rebellion.

Three years later Henry forces Gregory out of Rome, and in 1085, Gregory dies. This was the general events that took place between Henry and Gregory.

Finally we have the International catholic church. The reason for this was because generally 70% was catholic about this time. This allowed A bishop that was born in England to be bishop in Germany. This also allowed the movement of scientist to be able to teach in different countries. It allowed trade to pass through countries even though there was a war going on. It created a international society. So that no matter what nationality you were, you could work any where. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 105, 6/7/2022

Episode 9, Season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers

Was basically started around 853; or you can say that it got overwhelming after the death of Louis the Pious. What am I talking about? The Vikings or you can call them the Norsemen. These people would come down from Scandinavia, and attack the costal cities; some times attacking further inland by the use of the rivers.

One question would arise is if they kept invading why didn’t they settle down in the land they captured? For them they already had a home some where else so all they wanted was loot. Which that consisted of all the precious metals.

Now why where they so affective at these raids? First off they had ships that allowed them great speed. This provided a surprise attack. Second they where very good warriors.

So what did the people do to protect them selves or not have there cites destroyed? The Viking’s gave the people a option, give us all your precious metals and we will not touch your city. But if the people resisted there town would be utterly wiped out. But isn’t there a second option of protection? Yes there is, the nights( or lords).

Since the Kings in the land were very weak at this point in time, and where not able to protect themselves; the people looked to the people that could protect themselves, which would be called the knights. Now if you want to get all technical the systems used here would be call feudalism and manorialism.

Manorialism is like I said when some one needed safety they went to the people that has been able to protect himself from the Vikings and ask him for protection. And in this deal the people would become bound to the land and become a serf to the lord in exchange for safety.

Now this Knight has all this land to protect, and he can’t do this on his own, so he calls in for more knights ( or vassals). When he does this he gives a little bit of land to his vassals as a fief. This is used as a source of income, so they they can have time to practice with there swords, armor and, riding a horse. and some times this process is repeated several times. So there will be several vassals, acting as the law in there area protecting it from invasion’s. And this is called Feudalism. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization I, lesson 100, 6/6/2022

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English lesson 90, 6/3/2022.

Episode 8, Season 1, 2 Questions 2 Answers

Lets get straight into it, first question of the week is What have I learn about Islam from the information that I have received. First off Islam is like Germany during world war 2. Just as you Had to hail Hitler no matter what, you needed to do the same to allah. So this religion is the way that Muhammad created a empire for himself. Just like when the Roman Empire created the religion of the catholic church, as a added power, so did Muhammad.

But lets get a little deeper, Muhammad said he got words directly from God through a angle. But did he really? No it’s just a copy of the biblical teachings taken out of contexed. Lets look at the Five pillars, the first says that ” there is no god but allah, and Muhammad is his prophet. Notice that Muhammad has a lot of power here in this first pillar he is placed as allah’s prophet.

Any ways the bible even says a similar message in Exodus 20:3-6.

3Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 4Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: 5Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 6And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

So Muhammad copied and changed the message so that he can easily be in power and create his own empire. Just look at all the countries that Islam attacked. Here is a list of some of the countries that they have attacked, which was through central Asia, the middle east( including Palestine, Syria, and Egypt) North Africa, and Spain. Not a very friendly nation, It doesn’t look like the start out of Islam was very friendly.

Second question of the week is, how is Justinian portrayed by Procopius? One things is certain he was not portrayed as a very good man. He was crazy, but also crazy in his goals. He was trying to bring Rome back to it’s full Hight. did he succeed? No, he waisted all the gold that has been slowly growing by all the emperors before him. What land that he did get in Africa was taken back not to long after he had taken it. The other land that was controlled by the Ostrogoths. Took 20 years just to finally take it over in 554 Ac. But was it a victory? Rome was sack and plundered 5 times, the Roman population went from a couple million to 40,000 people left. Also since he lost all the money in Rome, he had to raise the taxes. Than there was the times he went around wiping astrologers, here is what Procopius said about it ” for no other reason than that they belonged to this profession: whipping them on the back and parading them on camels throughout the City”.

Conclusion, as you can see Justinian was not portrayed as a good man by Procopius. Also Muhammad Created his religion in such a way where it made any one who was in it a robot and very easily controlled. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization 1, lesson 95


What is out there, that is the most viewed? What is out there, that is the most seen? Video, it is the most Viewed, seen product these days. So, what is THE OPPERTUNITY? Yes it will have a lot of competition. But that is the reason to make sure every one knows that you do something different than all the other companies.

Yes, with video, there is becoming a field very wide and full of different opportunities. That could be, Filming commercials for different companies. Writing, and filming commercials for other companies. The other side could be, you would offer your filming crew for a couple of days or hours for ether a small film company. But to start out you could go around to different families and see if they want there older grandfather that was in World war two, to tell his side of the story.

Other opportunities with video could be doing voice overs for other people. You could sell your service on Fiver, passably freelancer. A good way to start out with film is ether get a online film course, or just start writing film ideas and film them with what you have.

Conclusion, filming is a big opportunity. why, because there is always going to be weddings that need to be filmed; Commensals that are going to be written and shot. people who want to tell there life story; And lastly people who want to make a film. Thank you for reading!

Business 2 lesson 55, 5/26/2022

My Speedy Trip Around The World

“First flight to New York city, gate 5″.” Calling for First flight to New York city, gate 5″. Finally it’s time, and man it’s 5 a clock in the morning, well I can sleep on the plane, I got 4 hours any way.

Ahh new York city at last and just on time my next flight is at 10:00 am. Now where is gate 27? There it is! Just on time it’s 9:55 am. Food, Hmm creamy white sauce with chicken on top yum. Well it’s about time to take my 5 hour nap all the way to Shannon Airport Ireland.

Finally on the ground and all I hear is, ar deireadh cloisfidh, am anois a chinntiú go bhfuil na léitheoirí ag léamh mo chuid aistí i ndáiríre. Man am I confused, any ways I only got 45 minutes till my next flight, so now where is gate 79? There it is gate 79, I am about 30 minutes early so I guess I’ll go get some coffee. Waiter how long is this flight? Um about 6 hours, 25 minutes till we reach Baghdad بغداد airport.

“Thank you”. Today is May, Saturday, of 2022, 3 am and we are almost half way done with are trip around the world. But I need a hotel HAY! taxi taxi TAXI! I’ll just call a uber. well see ya in the morning.

Click, just 5 more minutes, wait! I only have 30 minutes till my flight to shenzhen. Few that was close, Well on an other play with 5 hours to spare I’ll take another long 5 hour nap. Clump clump when does this train ride end, ugg and its still 6 more hours till I reach china, well I guess it time to go into staring mode.

Finally there, And it’s for me to get a taxi, TAXI!

Are we home Yet? O it’s only 2:00 am, time to fly to Los angles California, an other 18 hours to go and I will be in America ugg.

Now I can call a Uber, and good night because I am tired. 10 AM, am I finally home nope well just 3 more hours to go.

There she is beautiful home sweet home. Thank you for coming along on my journey around the world in 1 week.

English lesson 80, 5/20/2022