locomotion and steering

There are robots that have legs or wheels, but right now we are going to talk about how many legs can go on a robot. A robot can have two legs three legs to six legs but the hardest  amount of legs to build on robot is two legs, now we have built a robot with two legs his name is atlas, he can walk on rough terrain and wen standing he can stable him self wen 20 pounds hit him and he is still standing , now we are going to talk about a robot named big dog he has 4 legs, but he dos not have a program some one controls it , the reason three is 4 legs because it can walk on 35 degree angle. Now we are going to talk about steering, there is three types of steering car type tricycle and three wheels  on a circle thees are the three steering types , the car type of steering does not stay in a straight but car type dos not stay in one line , tricycle steering dos the same thing dos not stay in one spot ,bot three wheels on a round board and it can stay in one spot  and tern  thank you for reading .


how to choose a soldering iron

There are different soldering iron’s for different job’s.    One is 100 watt or 10 /40 watt’s used for different job’s.  I think the one that is the best is the one that you can count on and change the heat . To buy the soldering gun go on amazon.com and look for the brand of WE Make.There are soldering wire like lead free and solder. Wen you solder  you must not  have two connections touching the reason I say this because its a bad connection.  A  good connection is a small little blob he he he he he he he he he he he he he he!!!!!  wen your done soldering you must clean the connection’s you can use sand paper steel wool for bad oxides. Clams are used for holding your board in place . The most in portent is to tend the tip bi adding  solder on the tip this is the only time you pout solder on the tip.      safety  you  need gloves safety glasses and a fan  to blow the smock a way  the gloves are  used sow that you wont get burnt the safety glasses are for to keep the smock out of yer ayes . Be careful while your soldering.


How GOD helped Joseph

GOD help Joseph through the pit, the pharaoh, and the famine . Joseph’s brothers took his coat of many colors and threw him in a pit; than dipped his coat in blood and showed  it to his farther . Pharaoh’s wife wanted Joseph to lay with her, Joseph said no, she tried it again.  This time no  men were a round to see Joseph run,  but she got his coat that fell in her hand.  Potiphar heard of this and put Joseph in prison . Pharaoph had a two dreams,  dream one is he is on the bank and 7  fat cows were fed in the meadow.  Then 7 ill favoured  cows came and ate the cows.  The second dream he dreamed of 7 ears of corn that came up in one stalk full  of good corn.  This  7 ears of good means 7 good years. Then behold seven ears withered came up and it means 7 years of bad famine. Joseph was put in charge of Egypt  to store for  the famine . Joseph was a slave and now he rules

God Creation

GOD created heaven and the earth in 7 days . On The first day GOD created light .On the second day GOD said let there be a firmament  which is heaven . On the third day GOD created land .                                                                                                                                       On the forth day GOD created stars which are in heaven and the son and the moon .On the fifth day GOD created creature which are fish . On the sixth day GOD created animal and man. On the seventh day GOD rested. These are the days that GOD created man.




     Anatolia is a country located where modern day Turkey is now.  Anatolia is surrounded by water on threes sides . They trade by sea and they make ships . They  travel a round the world and make Sea Ports. They have hills and Mountains . One Mountain is mount Ararat, which  Noah’s ark landed on.

     Anatolia was controlled by over 36 civilizations including Greeks/Persians/Romans and now Turk’s . Some churches are mentioned in Revelation.   There are 2 Mountains  called Taurus and  Pontus Mountain.                       Anatolia was a sea trading country that is known for shipping building and now it does not exist.

6th grade History lesson 9


Where I would go during the Tower of Babel.

I was pushing a cart full of rock up the tower of Babel. When I reached where to drop the rock off . I  saw the manager. I Went to speak to him . When I was talking to him his   language suddenly changed . Then I ran down the tower of babel . Looking for people who knew my language. I  found some people that new my language and decided that England was a good place to settle ( it wasn’t called England quite yet, but we headed there anyway). On are way there I saw a rock that  looked like a bear . Then we stopped for the night.  We finally got there around 1765. When we got there we all found jobs on the H.M.S. Victory.

Lesson 1 6th grade History.