Two Things of when Augustan was in charge

For to day my two questions are, how did Augustan handle his power. Secondly, was the epic more a political tool for propaganda?

Our story starts off when Augustus becomes about the only one in power. This happened because he pretty much got ride of the other ruler that was In charge of the other half of Rome. Why did he do this, well because he read the other rulers will to the senate, which sated that he was going to leave his rule to one of his Egyptian children because he had married the queen of Egypt. So Augustan was like were does his loyalty’s lie?

In the difficult spot because he would be only one left, and not wanting any more war for who is to be in charge. Augustan went to the senate and gave them his power back. But the senate gave him back his powers. Because they would rather have him in power than if some one would come up in power.

They were right to do so because Augustan did not over use his power. He still over time took a little more control but slowly. But main thing he did was restore a lot of public works and the older religious buildings. By this he was trying to make sure the old ways where still being observed.

Now it’s time for The Aeneid, Or Epic. Was this mostly political propaganda? Well, first off this was written to show how the Romans were founded. It starts off with a Trojan traveling to found Rome. But later on in the story it shows that this Trojan was related to Augustan. So in this story they are trying to show how great of a leader they have in office. It also points to Augustan a lot in the portion that I have read. These are my few reasons for saying it had a little bit of it used for political propaganda. Thank you for reading!

Western Cavillation I, lesson 5, 3/10/2022

Chapter 21 Of The Cat of Bubastes

With the end of Amuba’s life coming near, Amuba sends for Jethrow. “I have done my best for the Rebu, and My life has come nearing to an end, it is time to prepare for the new king of Rebu”.

Preparations were made immediately, and the news of what is about to come about hustled about the town as to the news of the Amuba’s prepreations for the new king. Amuba speaking days with Jethrow as to the the course of the new king, decided on that Cuthbert Amubas son, was to be crowned King in two months from now. “Amuba don’t worry about the boy you have brought him up well, for besides he has a wife and three kids”. ” for sure Jethrow, for he rules his house with a rod iron, but still having a gracious and passionate hand”. ” For the people already favor him, for his humbleness, and easily approachable manner”.

Those two months passed very quickly, and in those two months I was quickly informed on all the on going request of the people. Fortunately for me I am already in charge of all the projects of the country. Tuesday is the big day Amuba, do you think I’m ready for this job? Amuba replies “yes Cuthbert, for you already are in charge of half the kingdom.” Go back to your house gets some rest for tomorrow is going to be a big day”.

City after City arrived, and flooded into the kings plaice awaiting for the new king to appear. It’s time Cuthbert, everyone is awaiting your arrival to the stand. As I walked to my father Amuba, saying with a smile Cuthbert do you promise to fulfill your job as leader and keeper of the law of God? Yes I will, the crowd thronging the room cheered for joy. Than it is final, You Cuthbert my son is now officially crowned king of the Rebu.

With the Crowds gone, and the news spreading like wildfire across the country of the new king, Amuba calls for all his friends family. I have fulfilled my soul’s intent, the Rebu has been freed of any Egyptians, and they have a new king, with the end of my life insight; I have called all of you here say thank you, and will be joining Jethrow in heaven, and someday will see you.

The news of the death of Amuba was of the sadness, but the joy of knowing he is with the rest of the people that help take this country back to new heights has brought gladness. Amuba was buried in the building with the other original hero’s of the Rebu. The country soon flourished even more and became a empire. Thank you for reading!

Struggle of the Orders

The Struggle of the Orders, was a peaceful fight for more rights for the Plebeians. The reason for this was because there was two main groups in Roms, one was the Patrician’s and the Plebeians. The Patricain’s had a lot more rights than the Plebeians. The Rights that the Plebeian’s had where they were Liable to enslavement for debt, no intermarriage, land won in war was often given (or sold cheaply) to the rich, and they did not have the right to vote or be involved in any political issues.

So, what did the Plebeians do? Since the Plebeians where the majority of the population in Rome at the time they just got up and left the city. Now Rome was in a panic, they needed troops, and most of all the population just left. So they said to the Plebeians, alright we will let you all vote. Later on they slowly take away the privileges that the Petricians’ have over the Plebeians.

Two major things happened during this struggle. First thing, In the Mid-fifth Century BC, Roman law was written on 12 tablets and put in the middle of Rome for all to see. This was great for the people, because before no one knew the law, because they were not able to study it.

Second major thing, was that the Plebeians, made a console that was over them (later it would be over every one) called Tribunes. These consisted of two ( later there would be ten) men that would oversee any law that someone is was making. If all of them did not agree then this law would not be passed to the voting stage.

Eventually this struggle ended with no violence, and Rome is now a little bit more organized. Thank you for Reading!

Difference of the liberty of moderns and ancients And a life episode in Alexander

First off, what do you think of when you hear the word Greece? You would probably think of their architecture, politics, and famous writing. Which You can see a lot of thinking of the Greece is in a lot of countries, including ours. But, one thing is different, that is that thought of Liberty. Liberty today we think on the individual rights. Then, they thought of liberty as being able

To discuss and make decisions about war and peace.

To form foreign alliances.

To vote on new laws.

To examine the records of the Magistrates.

To call the for the magistrates to appear and answer their questions.

The right to accuse thes Magistrates and render judgments on these magistrates.

Some other right is to exicle anyone whom they may think will be a problem to the community in the near future on the vote of the community. So even if you did nothing wrong you could be put out of the country, or put to death if that community sees fit. Now another factor of their thought of abilities is the right to publicly speak on any laws in meetings. Now given the state that the bigger the country the more a individual’s vote counts less, and vice versa.

Another factor that changes the view of all the athens being able to go to the daily public discussions; was the fact that they had slaves doing most of the work. Thus giving Athenians more time. Now, as we speed up time to the present thought of liberty is on the individual rights not the community right. We would say to day that no one has the right to tear-

The citizen from his country. Which in Greece the community had the right, if it voted to have you removed from the country.

The owner from his possessions. If agreed upon by the community Greece would have your things taken.

The merchant from his trade.

The Husband from his wife.

The father from his children.

The writer from his studious Meditations.

The old man from his accustomed way of life.

Each one of these thoughts of what someone can not do to someone else would contradict what Greece’s thought of what liberty is. So society today would find that ancient liberty would be missing the fact that everyone has the right to make decisions on their own instead of the whole community making some decisions for you.

Now it’s time to discuss Alexander the great or Alexander before he was on the throne. The was a story “When Philonieus, the Thessalian, offered the horse named Bucephalus in sale to Philip [Alexander’s father], at the price of thirteen talents,“.

The king and his son alexander, and the elders, Went to this field where this horse was held. Upon arrival, they noticed that the horse appeared rather viscous, and unmanageable. The king seeing this said “Philip was displeased at their bringing him so wild and ungovernable a horse, and bade them take him away.” But, the Prince Alexander, said”What a horse they are losing, for want of skill and spirit to manage him!”  Philip Ignored what he said intel he said it again. Seeing that the Prince see’s the horse differently than the elders said to him, do you think you could manage him, and what price will you pay for your rashness, the prince replied saying that he would pay the price of the horse. The elders and everyone laughed.

The King and the Prince agreed on the terms and “ran to the horse, and laying hold on the bridle, turned him to the sun; for he had observed, it seems, that the shadow which fell before the horse, and continually moved as he moved, greatly disturbed him. While his fierceness and fury abated, he kept speaking to him softly and stroking him; after which he gently let fall his mantle, leaped lightly upon his back, and got his seat very safe. Then, without pulling the reins too hard, or using either whip or spur, he set him a-going. As soon as he perceived his uneasiness abated, and that he wanted only to run, he put him in a full gallop, and pushed him on both with the voice and spur.

Upon riding back everyone cheer for the accomplishment. What character does this story show? First off, Alexander was very observant he noted that shadows bothered the horse. He was not scared even when laugh at to stand up for what he thought could be done. He put forth his plans without delay, he ran to the horse. These are some of the characteristics of Alexander that I have found in this story. Thank you for reading!

Lesson 40, 3/1/2022

Two Wars and their Results  Persian War and the Peloponnesian War

Here I have two famous wars, the Persian War, and the Peloponnesian War. But, for these two wars I have two questions for each. First, what lead up to each war, second, what are the events that happened between each country, and state?

First war, the Persian war. It all started with two things happening. First one is when Athens wanted to be alliance or to have a protective agreement with the Persians. The only agreement that they got was “Earth and Water”. When the two Athenians heard this they did not understand, so they just gave them a little bit of water and dirt. When the meaning was known that “Earth and Water” meant that the Persians were sovereign over all the earth and the sea, the town of athens was ferrous, but did not change the matter.

Second main thing to this war was a group of Greek Ionians’. This group had settled in an area that was under rule of the persians. The people got tired of this and revolted against the Persians in 499 BC. Immediately upon doing this they sent for help from Athens and sent 20 ships. It was a victory for the Persians in 494 BC.

Only Problem the Persians were very mad at athens for sending those ships. Why, because they had made a agreement that the persians were sovereign. So the Persians are about to seek revenge. The greeks caught wind of this, and immediately went for the assistance of the spartans. The spartans refused to assist because they were in a religious ceremony, and will be done in a week.

The battle of Marathon was won by the Greeks in 490 BC. Literally the next day after the battle the Spartans show up with 2,000 men. But with seeing that Athens had defeated the giant Persians, they made it a honor for anyone who had fought in that battle.

10 Years later, Xeres, son of Darius, sends a quarter of a million men and over 900 ships to Greece. Quickly all the Greek city states banned together to defend themselves.

Crucial moment that happen at a mountain pass called Thermopylae in Northern Greece. 300 Men held this army to a halt for a good period. Sadly, one of the Greek betrayed them by showing the Persians a passage around the men. They were all surrounded and kill, but for two.

This bought the greeks some time to retreat to a island called salamis. On the arrival of the Persian army at Athens, it was a ghost town, so they burnt it to the ground. Fortunately for the greeks, for they had a substantial navy built up under the influence of Mistocles Athenians. So the Greeks won the victory over the Persians in a sea battle and a land battle. This is marks the end of the Persian War in 479 BC.

The Next war is the Peloponnesian War. My question for this war is, why was it fought? It all started with Athens making the Delian League with the other city states. The Delian League was that each city state would make ships to protect against another attack against the Persians if one would accor. But, since athens was better equipped for the building of these pictiulare ships, they sent money to athens instead.

Little while later, and the city state’s found that Athens was not only using the money for the ships but for rebuilding of Athens. Which made them want to back out of the deal, but where forced to stay in it. Sparta on the other hand, was becoming fearful that Athens was getting to powerful and high and mighty for themselves. And decided to bring them back to shape and attacked.

Now the result of this war ended up making each side with there resources exhausted. All this did was make Greece a sitting duck. Thank you for reading!

Western civilization II, 2/25/2022

The Cat of Bubastes

Long time ago, in the Rebu Country, lived the son of the king, Amuba. The day of our story begins, when Amuba, is listening to the great leaders conversing where this great battle should take place. After perceiving that there was not going to be any break in the meeting, Amuba retired for the night.

Finally the time came for the battle to take place. It was to be 15 miles out from the city, and “in front is marshy and can hardly be traversed by the enemy’s chariots.”

Out in battle, Amuba not quite of a mans strength, was put in a chariot; with the Jethro, told to keep out of the heat of battle and to flee if the battle should turn for the worse.
Unfortunately, it did turn for the worse. The King was shot with an arrow, and the men where beaten down. Amuba, upon realizing that his father was shot.

“leaped from his chariot, strove to make his
way through the mingled mass of footmen and chariots to the spot. Jethro
followed close behind him. He, too, had caught sight of the falling figure,
and knew what Amuba did not—that the Rebu had lost their king.”

That battle was a loss, and Amuba and Jethro, headed back to the city. Once all the men that had survived, arrived back, the city was besieged. The Egyptians were well prepared and immediately began prepared for the entering. Few days later, and the city was captured.

Some of the people where free to stay, but the rest were brought to Egypt as slaves. Among those slaves were Amuba and Jethro.

Finally in Egypt, after months of walking, and it was time for some of the high arthurites to chose some slaves. The High priest of Egypt chose Amuba, and Amuba begged to pick both Jethro and him. The High priest was kind and understanding and chose both.

Once at the priest house he interduce them to the rest of the family. Which was his wife, daughter Mysa and his son Chebron, which Amuba was to be a companion. Amuba and Chebron later on would become very good friends.

Later down the Road Chebron goes on a hunting trip taking Amuba and Jethro with him. But wile they had just finish hunting a hippo, they heard a scream!

“Chebron darted off in full speed in the direction of the sound, closely
followed by Amuba and Jethro. They ran about a hundred yards along the
bank, when they saw the cause of the outcry. An immense crocodile was
making his way toward the river, dragging along with it the figure of a

They Killed the crocodile and Rescued her, took her to her hut, where her grandfather was. There was no harm but to the skirt of her dress and a bruised leg. The Grand father was getting to the point where he would not live much longer. So he wanted a place that would take care of his Granddaughter and not take her away from her faith to the true God. Chebron offered that she could be a handmaid to his sister, and that they would not try to persuade her to change. The Israelite Girl excepted and Chebron sent a letter to his father making sure it was okay. After receiving a letter back from Ameres, Chebron told the grand father that the deal was set, and that his daughter was to travel up the river after his death.

Back at the house, the knews of the cat of Bubastes has died and a new one is needed that meet the requirements. Well the search was made by sending several groups out to several cites making a report on the best cat that met the requirements. after a few months they go back inspect each others report and the cat that best fit the requirements would be chosen.

Mysa, knowing this sent them a invite to there house to inspect her pet cat, Paucis. They came and inspected the cat, and made the report. About 6 months later, they choose Paucis to fill the potion.

But around this time some animal was taking there birds for food. So Chebron and Amuba, hid over by the pond with there bow in hopes to ketch this animal. an hour later;

“There was a frightened cry and a violent flapping as
a large hawk suddenly seized one of the waterfowl and struck it to the
ground. In an instant the watchers rose to their feet, and as the hawk rose
with its prey in its talons they shot their arrows almost simultaneously.
Amuba’s arrow struck the hawk between the wings, and the creature fell
dead still clutching its prey. Chebron’s arrow was equally well aimed, but it
struck a twig which deflected its course and it flew wide of the mark.
Amuba gave a shout of triumph and leaped out from among the bushes. But
he paused and turned as an exclamation of alarm broke from Chebron.”

The arrow that missed and hit a branch went straight into the cat pen, and hit one of the cat’s. Amuba went over there saw that his friends arrow had hit Paucis. and the punishment for killing a cat in egypt would be death and denouncement.

Amuba buried the cat, got rid of any blood, and left the door open to the cat pen, to leave other suspicions to the disappearance of the cat.

Chebron, told his father, and his father was saying not to worry and that actually the cat his not really sacred, and that there is really only one true God.

Finally for conclusion, they are right now figuring out how to hide this. For me I believe that he will be fine and this matter will never be found out. Thank you for reading!

English Lesson 55


The Liebster Award Nomination

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These are the 11 questions that I need to answer.

  1. Are you a proud resident of the province or state you’re living in? If not what do you think should change to make it a better place?
    1. I live In Texas, and well, I like it better than some states because It has more freedoms than other states. But, There should be some law should be taken out still.
  2. Do you have a Favorite pet?
    1. Yes, and she is a cat named Courage. This is her picture.
  1. What are your favorite outdoor and indoor winter activities?:
    1. For the indoor activities, it would be piano, play video games, try to code, build something, and read. Nothing really changes of what I want to do weather it is winter or not. Now for winter it would be skiing, hiking, sledding, and play in snow. By the way we don’t get snow down in san Antonino Texas. All these activates are what I like to do when I go up north XD.
  2. Is there one event in your life that has changed you since?:
    1. I would say it was when we started helping a pastor get his house ready for starting a church. It has been over 5 years since and My Mom is the sectary so where very busy with the church.
  3. Do you have a favorite Bible verse and how has it impacted your life?
    1. My favorite Bible Verse is in Revelation 19:11-13 “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.” To me this shows how powerful God is.
  4. Favorite book of the Bible?:
    1. Proverbs
  5. Which food is better in your opinion: hamburgers or hot dogs?: deepens on what I am in the mood for, but if I had to pick it would be home cooked hamburgers.
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    1. The purpose of my blog is for school. Now My other blog Backyard storms is to post pictures that I take of storms.
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    1. I think in 2017
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    1. Country.
  9. Favorite character in your favorite book?: Job From the Bible.

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What I Do In My Free Time

With the sound of my alarm clock, and rising of the sun it is time to get up and start the day. Once I am up and I’m finish with my bible reading and with school, the question pops up. What do I do after my school is done for the day?

Well since you ask, It looks like I better tell you. Every day is usually very different. I usually I do chores, practice Taekwondo, then play game or try finishing making a horn alarm. lastly I practice piano, and those are some of my main things I do after school. Thank you for reading.

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My opinion time: My Hobbies

I do tenacity have three different hobbies that I bounce between. The first, and main hobby is Photography. The main type of pictures that I take are landscape, storms, clouds, and lightning. I also do some weddings, at our church but I am not the main photographer. If you want to see some of my storm pictures here is the link to my blog

My second hobby, is practicing playing the piano. Now I am not the greatest at playing the piano but I am getting there. Since there is not much of the piano to talk about; my third hobby is making things with a programable UNO R3. Right now I am trying to make a horn alarm that can detect if you passed by it or not.

But right now I am trying to learn some program languages. Then with the program knowledge, I can program into the UNO R3 the additional turn on horn when object is detected. That is my three main hobbies, and thank you for reading.

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