With a big glop of Fresh air, are vacation has just begone. First off where shall I go first there is the Scottish bakeries, castles, museums. Well the first things first lets go to the hotel. After every thing was hauled up to are room, we decided to go on a hike, because Scotland has several trails and every one there loves the trails and the view.

On the way back from the trail we noticed a guy dressed in a kilt, carrying bagpipes. Now the bagpipes is one of the main instrument’s of Scotland witch we though was cool. Now back at the hotel we where famished, so we decide to go out to eat. The food we found there was quite astonishing. The traditionally food of Scotland consisted of Haggis – Famous 16th Century Hogmanay Sheep-Stomach Sausage, Raspberry Cranachan for dessert, Cock-a-Leekie Soup for start of the dinner, and lastly oak cakes on the side.

After food was done, we headed over to the hotel to get a good nights rest. Morning came along and we decide to go to a castle called Inverlochy. of course along the way we see some kids playing a game, come to find out it is a Traditional game called Bools.

Once at the castle, wile there we learned of some of the history of the castle. Most of it was about the people that built it which was the Comin clan. Also to find was that in Scotland there would be these Clans made that are base from family ties. In each Clan there would normally be a chef in charge. These clans fill the highlands of Scotland and was very dominating in it. The way to make a living back then in Scotland was a soldier, domestic service, Crofting (or living on some ones land and farming it), farmer, and fisherfolk, shipbuilder, coal miner, weavers, and spinners.

Finally we arrive back At the airport, and back home was and that is the end of our vacation. Thank you for reading a small tour of the culture of Scotland.

English, lesson 30, 10/14/2021.

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