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The 13 Colony

In this essay I will talk about the English 13 colony’s . The first colony was Jamestown , Jamestown is in Virginia and it was started in 1607.  Jamestown was the capital of Virginia until 1699, when they moved it to Williamsburg.

Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts bay were both put together to make province of Massachusetts.  While they were chartering  Massachusetts , this man named William and Mary also commissioned New Hampshire in 1691. This colony was named after a Hampshire in England , and was the first part of Massachusetts.

Maryland, this colony was established in 1632 by Baltimore as a heaven for Catholics. Connecticut, it was founded 4 years after Maryland was founded , Connecticut was founded by a Puritan minister . Connecticut helped in establishing colonial governments as distinct from England. There was also a war in Connecticut called the Pequot war it was between the settlers.

Rhode island, It was founded on 1636 when two men were banded from Massachusetts those men are  Roger William’s and Any Hutchison.

Delaware was originally part of the province of Pennsylvania and was under it governance as a colony. The colony was established in 1664 when Sir Robert Carr went down the Delaware river. after he removed the Dutch from the land he declared it a English colony.

In 1629, this man named Charles I granted the Province of  Carolina to his attorney general. Also in 1663 , there was this charter that was Reissued by Charles II, granting the province to 8 lord Proprietor who help in his restoration.

In the 1610 the Dutch owned  a part of the new world new Jersey  was one of them it was colonized soon after 1609  this man Sir Henry Hudson was the man that led this exibition on the bays and the ports . They lost part of New Jersey in 1664 by the English the war was called second Anglo-Dutch war. In 1673-1674 the colony was actually regained  by the Dutch for a very short time.

The colony that was in New York was a dutch colony ,they colonized it in 1624 by Peter Minuit, and it was originally called New Amsterdam not New York The English called it that when they took it over in 1663.

Pennsylvania, This colony was established in 1681 by William Penn . Pennsylvania was colonized by Swedish and Dutch. its government was organized with a governor, a large council, and an assembly. Penn was a Quaker which influenced the government  and the structur of the colony, but Pennsylvania was tolerant to monotheistic religions.

Image result for Pennsylvania     in 1681

Georgia was established in 1732, and this was the last state and the farthest in land. General James Olgethorpe organized a colony that was for people that are in debt. The first capital in Georgia was were the first settlers landed the capital was called Savannah.



hundred years war

The hundred years war is just England fighting against France . It was split into 4 major battles the Edwardian era (1337-1360) the Caroline war (1369) and the Lancastrian  era (1415-1453). The first battle of the hundred years war took place on June 22, 1340.

before this war started the English used heavy cavalry it was favored in battle well instead Edward ordered his men to dis mount and fight on foot , so they were known as Hobelars they only used horses for transportation also having lighter armor mad it much easier  fight and maneuver a round and you can hid easier .

King Edward III of England sailed his army across the channel and the English crushed the French fleet and won a major battle the battle was called the battle of Sluys . Six years later Edward III led an invasion across the channel captured Caen in one whole day. Philip came out to face the English and the English won a great battle at the battle of Crecy and in follow up the English captured the french city of Calais was a french port with the English owning it they could have their troops there in France. in 1438 the black death swept across England the war was put on hold for several years . it started up again when Edward’s son was wen he was at the forefront for England ,and France has a new king John II . Edward, the black prince,lead the next battle in 1356, he invaded France from the spot Gascony and won a very great victory at the battle of Poitiers .John II was captured and his son reigned in his place . There came peace for once it was the treaty of Bretingy, which lasted from 1360-1369 during  this time John II  was kept in English control in til 1664 at his death . after  John II died in 1664 and Charles V reigned in his place . Edward III and his son , and Edward the black prince were both falling in health . when the English once again got back on there feet and and took the battle field but the only thing England controlled was Calais in France . wile there was no peace in England , England put up with little resistance during this stag of war . it was 1415 that king Henry V decided to sailed from England to France to resume the war . He had a very good major victory at Harfleur but he decided to go back to Calais without an more battles along the way . well the French had something else on there mind so the met him at the battle of Agincourt . the battle of Agincourt was very small muddy field and it was between two woods the size of the field gave England an advantage since they had a weaker army at that time while the French had heavy armor and they were on horses so they  were wade down in the mud , which the English were much lighter and the English was able to gain the upper hand and win a major battle the battle ended with 6,000 Frenchmen killed and about 400 English killed Henry  retook much of Normandy , including Caen and again became the duke of Normandy . in 1420 Henry married the princess Catherine . yet the English was not able to claim the French throne a hundred years.


Giving Up 10% of My Income To Savings

If you were to save 10% of your income what would you give up? What happens when you get your paycheck? Do you put into savings account or go out, and spend it?

If you go out and spend it you lose the money, but you gain an item or some food. But what if you save 10% of that money, what would you lose? Same scenario, you get your paycheck, then you put 10% into a savings account every time you get your paycheck. All you lose, is getting a certain item that you want at at certain time. Though you now get emergency money, saved money for something bigger, vacation money, and yet there is still plenty more uses.

Here is another use, you can put that money to work when you have substantial amount of money. Like buying a small business, or starting a business. when you have that now your savings will grow without having to save 10% of your income (Which I would still save 10% of you income).

Conclusion, When saving 10% of you income, all you lose is getting a certain item that you want at at certain time. Thank you for reading, and if there is any wrong with this essay please feel free to tell me down below.

Business 1, 9th Grade, Lesson 40.

Use of Contrasts To Strengthen Kourdakovs’ Narrative

A man Named Kourdakov, Wrote a book Called “THE PERSECUTOR”. This book was his autobiography of when he slowly rose up in the ranks in the USSR. It started out in The USSR With him as a 6 year old boy becoming an orphan. Later a famine came, then his friend died, and the people at the orphan home did not even care. That day he said to himself “I will be the toughest, the strongest, and the smartest”. He did get what he said that day, because he became the best youth leader at the orphans home, and even won an award. He later joined the Navy, and did the same the thing as he had back at the orphans home he rose up in the ranks. One day while doing his regular routine he gets a call from the secret police. He gets sent out to take care of brawls, and to take care of the problem of Christians in Russia.

One of the raids they were commissioned to they were able to have picnic while they lay in wait for the christians that were going to have a bastim. This area was indeed beautiful and quite peaceful but later it turned into screams, and cries of pain when the raid was in place. Throughout these raids he would see that these people are presiant. No matter how he beat them they still came back. Later on he did convert over to Christianity.

On the day of Lenin’s 100 year Birthday, they gathered all the cadets to a banquet. So that the leaders may see the best, and present him a reward, and have him give a speech. Kourdakov was there, and was chosen for the reward, and gave a speech saying “In honor of the memory of comrade Lenin, I commit my organization to even greater achievements for communism next year. I pledge to you, and to Lenin’s sacred memory,this is only the start!” After all that, they had a feast, were all the cadets were in one room, and the leaders were in a seperate room with the more expensive food, and Drinks. Kourdakov desired to get up from the table were he was eating, and decided to take a look around. Orlov The top leader, came out drunkenly, and invited Kourdakov into the separate room where all the head leaders ate. When he came inside the room he was disgusted of the fact that all the leaders were so drunk they passed out. There in that room, Orlov told him many stories, but the main one is he said that “Communism is the worst curse that has ever come to man!”

For conclusion, The contrast of Kourdakov believing strong in commusin, but still was puzzled by christianity made the book interesting to read. Having also in some way, having two beliefs helped strengthens his narrative. Thank you for reading, and if there is anything wrong with this essay, please feel free to tell me down below.

Lesson 35 English 1 Autobiographies 11/18/2020.

Yes it helps the Narrative and the want of reading the book.

Three goals and a owning a business

To day you might have goals, and want to see an example of how a business can help fulfill your goals. You Just keep reading, and you will soon know an example. This is essay is about three of my goals, and how owning a business will help achieve these goals.

If your where to have three goals to commit to, and to achieve them by age 70; What would they be? Theses are my goals , and reasons for them. First one is, serving the Lord, being a successful church member, and a soul winner. If you were wondering, what’s with three types of goals. Well it’s because these three all have something to do with severing the Lord. Here is the one reason for severing the Lord (also there are many more reasons than what I am showing). You can see that there is a creator of the world because of all the designs and the bible. But if you think the world came into existence out of random chance than here is an example. If someone builds a modern house you could not say that someone did not build that. Instead saying that a pile of wood stones and other building materials were sitting there for millions of years and slowly built it self. The same show’s that the world was created.

Second goal, owning a business. I would like to have running business to help support me, and to have a little extra money, and to help any body that needs help. It also sounds like a fun adventure.

Third Have a good Job and many traits. The Job That I would like to have is a electrician. The reason for this is because I like doing things that a electrician would do. There are a few others, but for the sake of time I will go on to my second subject.

That is, will owning a business help me fulfill these goals. Lets see, My first goal was to serve the Lord. The benefit of a business let’s you get more money. With this money you can use it for gas food and still have some savings and have tithe money. Second benefit of a business is you control when you work, and when you don’t work. IF you serve the Lord, you will want to have time off to go soul winning, go to event’s, to be able to go to church on sunday, and many others. If you own a business, it allows you to be able to do things that we just listed.

My second goal was to own a business. How will owning a business help this goal. It fulfills the want of owning a business. It fulfills the need of owning a business, and well there are many reasons how owning a business can fulfill owning a business. So owning a business all the way fulfills my second goal.

My third goal is to a have a good job and many traits. Owning a business will allow me to have the money to study the subject. It allows me also to study the traits and have many hobbies.

For conclusion the three goals that I have are Serving the Lord, owning a business, and having a good job and traits. Lastly Owning A business will fulfill your goals where money is involved , and with time(this one depends on the business and if it is up and running). Thank you for reading and if there is any thing wrong with the essay please feel free to tell me down below.

Lesson 35: Goal-Setting, Part 20, Conclusion 11/17/2020

Assignment That Kourdakov Failed

Back in 1960’s when the USSR was in operation, a Man named Kourdakov was racing for a higher command. He lived at a children’s orphan home, here he had his first command as a youth leader. He made speeches organized the youth and was able to make his youth group the best youth group there was.

A little time passed and it was time for Kourdakov to choose a path, army or the navy. Some friends told him that army is the harsh, and horrible, and not to bother going there. So the only opinion he had left, was the navy. So he choose the Navy, and got accepted into the academy.

There was to choices at the academy radio or mechanics. He chose radio because was interested in the subject. Later down the road he did the same thing as he had done back at the orphans home. He had risen way up in the ranks and was incharge of a lot of things. Here is a list of things he was incharge of, the punishment organization, promotion and depromotion, and teaching about communist. He did a good job to the solalist standers, but he actually did pretty horrible. The people there learning could not handle all the pressure and all the punishment. It was to the point that they committed suicide. It was sad one of the suicide was one of the men was found hanging on the outside of one of the buildings dead.

The officales wanted to say that the sailor got drunk and fell out of the window. Why, Because it was common then, for a sailor to get drunk and fall out of a window, and die. They used this excuse to protect the academy from having all the news all over them. Should Kourdakov Tell a lie or should he tell the truth, this was the mistake he made he told a lie to keep his reputation and to follow orders. Next mistake was being not a good leader. It seemed that he was doing great, that the academy was doing great and everything was just fine and dandy. NO, men were committing suicide others also were quitting. the only ones that were able to stay are the ones that went through something and were able to withstand the pressure and the discipline.

First reason why do I believe that Kourdakov failed his assignment. Is he was trying to be more like a communist and get to the top. Kourdakov got this thrive when his friend Sasha died in the famine and the people there don’t even care. So he said to himself, I will never be weak again and that I would make it to the top. he continues on to say In the book that even some of the other kids died because they committed suicide because they could not handle it anymore.

Second reason is, that Kourdakov was not a good leader. He had things running great but he did not care for the students. That lead to many of the men committing suicide. Thus he failed to tell the truth about the suicide just to follow orders.

For conclusion, why Kourdakov failed. Was because he did not tell the truth, that the men on the base were committing suicide. Thank you for reading, and if there is anything wrong with this essay please feel free to tell me down below.

English 1. Lesson 30. 11/9/2020

Money wasted on Tv

Have you ever sat down to watch tv, you watched for a while, then you got up and you looked at the time, oh Noooo! Now your late for a lot of things, this essay I will be telling you how much money I would have at age 70 If I did not watch tv.

If you want to do the same thing, and find out how much money you would have at age 70. follow these steps. First in one week time how much tv you watch. At the end of the week times the number of hours you watch of tv in one week by how many weeks there are a year. Now you should have the number of hours you watch of tv in one year now times that by 70 and times that by $20 dollars an hour, and you got your answer.

Now for my answer, my answer would be $729,400. That is a lot of money, so if I put this time to a side business and earn 20 dollars an hour and put it into savings. This would be the amount it will add up to. This proves how much of a waste tv is. Because the amount of time you put into a movie you could be learning an instrument, reading a book, ect. That’s why tv is a waste of time. Thank you for reading, and if there is anything wrong with the essay please feel free to tell me down below.

Lesson 30. Business 1.

The Job In Texas

Long time ago, when my Parents, my sister, and I lived in Pensacola Florida. The business that my dad worked at was falling apart. My parents look and look for another job, but it seemed hopeless. At the time everything seemed fine for Me and my sister but you never know. One day, my Mom saw that my dad’s cousin posted an ad for more workers for his oil business back in texas. The next thing my sister and I knew was that we were moving to texas. So my dad got some of his things packed and left on a bus to get the job to send some money back to help us move.

The fun part was seeing the house soo soo empty more empty than I have ever seen it, to the point you can even say a word and hear it repeated back to you in a echoed voice. But there was still the moving of the boxes to the u haul that made moving not very fun. What was nice was we were able to see our friends when they came over to help us pack.

The adventure was just about to begin, when it was time for a nice long drive through Alabama, mississippi Louisiana, and finally to texas. When we got there, we did not immediately live in a nice house, we lived in the back of the truck on some mattresses just for fun, it was a fun adventure. But one of the main things that I remember was that my mom called the small little hut were the men lived in “THE MAN CAVE”. I thought it was cool, while others thought that it was a sloppy mess.

After a about a week or two, we moved into a small trailer, it was very small; it was for more like it was for a new couple but it very was cosey. The Trailer had one masters bed and a table with benches with a couch with a pull out bed. I slept on the table which turned into a bed,my sister slept on the pull out bed, and my parents slept on the real bed, of Course.

It, took a while for the business to buy a property, it felt like forever, When It finally happened we were all happy. There was a trailer on it so all that was left was to move in. When we got settled we started looking for a church till we heard of a man and his wife and kids were going to start a church. My dad and me went to the church to meet him. When we met him we started going to his church to get to know him. We helped him get his house ready. Now that the church was up and running we find that we have found a great pastor and great friends. We don’t live in the trailer any more, now we live closer to the church in a Rv park and we still go to the same church. I hop you have enjoyed the essay. Thank you for reading and if there was anything wrong with this essay please feel free to tell me down below.

English 1: Lesson 26 10/27/2020.

Four Questions and Four Answers

If you ever had something that you wanted to learn or do, something before a certain time, then that is a goal. I will be answering three questions with goals in each of them 1. What am I willing to settle for as having achieved one year from now? 2. What am I willing to settle for as having achieved on my 18th birthday? And 3. What am I willing to settle for as having achieved at age 25?

  1. What am I willing to settle for as having achieved one year from now. First thing is learn to be a soul winner. Second, Learn more of the bible and memorize plenty more of the bible. Third, have more of an Idea of what to go in to for a job and for a business. Fourth, learn to play the piano better than I am now. Fifth, be very close to finishing school.
  2. What am I willing to settle for as having achieved on my 18th birthday? First is to have become a Soul winner, have finished school, have a skill (or half way done learning the skill) for really good paying job, or be able to start a business. And yet there is still more so I will go on to the next point.
  3. What am I willing to settle for as having achieved at age 25? Have a good job with a good skill, Learn woodworking, welding, plumbing and mechanics, and electrical. If I do not get a job then I would have a successful business. Know plenty more about the bible, and have had memorized a lot more of the bible. I would like to be in great physical condition.
  4. Now for the last question on and the answer. That question is why going the extra mile with any thing you do is very good. 1. when you’re wanting to be very good at let’s say chest. You not only just play the game you study on what a experts think when playing chest and study of how to win instead of just playing and playing. Now how do we take this Knowledge of going the extra mile to things like a job. Well let’s say someone is showing you how to make a chair. You just not only pay attention to what he is saying, but also study different ways of doing it. And study on that subject on your own, to the point you are very knowledgeable on the subject. Thus you are now not having to depend on the person showing you, and now you can get higher up in your work faster.

Thank you for reading and if there is anything wrong with this essay please feel free to tell me in a comment down below.

Business 1, lesson 25, 10/23/2020.

A bus of My Own

If you remember last essay I talk about how the heart attack help Jim Lether in his life. If you have not read this essay please read at this link https://nicksresearchpage.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/english-1-autobiography/. My school had me read a autobiography, call “A BUS of My Own”, and now I need to write an essay on what caught my attention in the book or what can I remember.

The first thing that caught my attention in the book is his description of when he sees a bus pass by lestay a greyhound bus he goes into all his past memory as a child when his father was running a bus route. Next was when he was at the pinball machine getting the highest score he has ever had. then the ride with besty as they went on the route with no breaks to be able to stop the bus and they almost did fine when they pulled in to the bus depot and he stuck his head out the window of the bus and said to his parents that were waiting we have no Brakes, then all the people on board started going crazy. Next was getting a Job as a buss station announcer were every 5 o’clock he would ancouce the bus coming in and going out of the busses.

Now closer into the book you get into all the times of being a newspaper reporter. Then as time went on he got into the news and all the different people he interviewed. Also the news stories he had to put on. His next major thing that happened was when the news report that he and some other fellow member made got put to 60 minutes. Then It hit like me as a reader like a ton of bricks he had a heart attack, he goes on into talking about him lying in recovery bed. As he goes on to tell of the crazy thing that happened and that is when the President of the United states called on Christmas eve. Next he goes on to talk about the autopsy that was done on him. The doctors told him he was on the verge of having another heart attack. So the next thing you know he is having heart surgery. Also it is pretty easy to tell that he lived because he was the one writing his own autobiography and yes he did live. the one thing he did in recovery was he wrote a list of goals. one of his goals was Having to add to the collection of his bus depot signs and other things. and the last thing that really got my attention is at the end when he was buying a bus of his dreams and driving it back to his house.

For conclusion this is most of what I could remember, and that got my attention. thank you for reading and if there is anything wrong with this essay please feel free to tell me in a comment down below.

English Autobiography 9th Grade Lesson 20.