9 thoughts on “What does the BIBLE say about how to get to Heaven

      1. Well not including Christmas trip, I have been doing Taekwondo, witch is similar to karate, then there is working on piano, programing, school, right now I am also working on a film, drafting witch is still drawing but deigns drawing, and finally num-chuks, wait! I am in the proses of getting my drivers licenses. I believe that is it.


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      2. The film that Colton Beckwith Made started out two years ago, as a film contest that some of the RPC Kid’s decided to have. Each contestant had 1 year to make the film. But no one had a film produced, but for Colton. So we waited a bout two years, one for it to be produced and one more for it to run through all the film contest’s. And finally just a few weeks ago it was posted, so for me it was exciting when it finally came out.

        Now about my film. It’s about a kitten, that seems to be sleeping, but is full of energy and is ready to attack anything.
        What is yall’s film going to about?



      3. Btw, would you be at all interested in joining a google hangouts chat that me and some other bloggers are starting? It’s kind of an RPC/farmer chat (I’m still not sure what we should call it).

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      4. Thank you for the offer, I really appreciate it! I would love to join, however, my parents don’t allow me to join group chats. Thanks again though for the offer; I hope you come up with a name soon — maybe “Libertarian Farmers’ Chat”?

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